More than 46% of traffic visiting your website will validate your credibility by the quality of your websites design. Does your website design make the grade?

Your website is often the first thing your clients and or customers will look at so it’s important to make a lasting impression.

A common mistake made by marketing departments and most businesses when establishing a new website is that they do not appreciate the value and importance of a website's design. A poorly designed website will turn off first time visitors!

Turn your customers on with great website design

David Danielson from Stanford University's Web Credibility Research team has asserted that "success of most websites hinges on credibility."

At Stratford Website Design, we strongly advocate the importance of web design and usability and across our client base have witnessed that those clients prepared to apportion larger budgets to design, will experience an increase in conversion and revenue generation.

We believe that all businesses are NOT the same. There will always be differences (however often subtle). Our creatives and designers are experienced in teasing out the factors that makes you different, exciting and appealing. Once we have discerned what fundamental brand traits to best communicate, your design can evolve and inspire.

We do not believe in use of templates as design is like art - individual, bespoke and intensely personal.

Custom Web Design

Stratford Website Design's custom websites will:

  • Reflect the core competencies and communicate your professionalism and trustworthiness
  • Differentiate you from your competitors
  • Give you authority in your industry
  • Show your brands personality, and make customers feel an affinity with you

It’s a golden opportunity for you to shape and lead consumer opinion, not only now but in the future.

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Information Architecture

An area often overlooked in web design is information architecture which in simple terms is the art of expressing the navigation routes through a sitemap, determine the hierarchy of information, layout, organising the content into an easily understandable and logical sequence and user centric "path". Inclusion of Information Architecture in the planning phase of designing your website is one of the most important milestones.

Well-designed websites are easy to use

Customers like it when they can find the information they need quickly and painlessly. We custom design websites so your best features attract attention quickly. Your customers will love you for it.

A memorable web experience for your customers

Our web design services are custom built to suit your brand's personality. Creative or corporate, starting from scratch or looking for a redesign, our experienced designers listen to what your business stands for, and translate that across on the screen in a way that customers can understand.

Our professional web design service can include:

  • Web and graphic design
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Web 2.0
  • Prototyping
  • Flash Design
  • Corporate branding and identity, including logo design
  • Word Press, HTML, and CSS
  • Email Newsletter Design
  • Blog Design

Small Business Web Design - it pays to get it done properly the first time!

Stratford Website Design understands small business. We do not hide the fact that we consider ourselves as a small, agile and adaptive digital marketing agency that is able to cater to your online marketing and advertising requirements. We believe very much in the adage - small is beautiful. Design and creativity is a fundamental requirement for all business - big or small yet the approach taken between SME and big corporates is completely different.

Most small businesses define their requirements by what larger competitors in their industry are doing. This practice of benchmarking is common and widespread within the SME market. SME's use this approach because it is safe and somehow is seen to be a cost effective way for them to elevate their position in their industry by emulating the appearance of a larger competitor. What is important to appreciate is that this is not the best method to go about or think about design if you run a small business.

Small businesses always emphasise their dynamism, flexibility etc yet wish to emulate the larger fish in their respective industry ponds - do you see the disconnect? Be yourself, define traits within your brand and product/service offering that makes you special and focus on communicating these characteristics.

Print Designers are NOT Web Designers

Irrefutably, clients are increasingly apportioning more of their marketing and advertising budgets to online. In response, print houses, paper stock merchants, pre and post production firms are struggling to stay relevant and as such are falsely representing that they can offer "web design" services. A print designer has no comprehension of the ever changing online environment. They work in inDesign/Illustrator not the appropriate web design programs. They think in 1 dimensional terms and not interactive terms. Be very careful when having your print designers work on your website as unless they are web competent, the results will be sub-standard and offer only a "short term fix."

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