Apr 15 13

Energy Tracking Software


Energy Dashboard


ENMAT provides affordable Energy Monitoring & Targeting software that helps companies to monitor and reduce Carbon Emissions. Our software can be used to set the targets you want to achieve at an affordable price.

ENMAT can monitor your consumption costs and compares averages over the time frames you want. ENMAT provides budgets setting and target milestones with easy to view graphical interfaces to suit your needs.


Energy Management  is the collection, interpretation and reporting of energy use based on the standard management axiom stating that “you cannot manage what you cannot measure”.

Energy Tracking is a cost-saving management technique, designed to detect and diagnose wasteful use of energy, water, and other consumable resources.


Benefits of Energy Management

ENMAT Energy Tracking solution will provide the following benefits:


Easy Installation

The Envantage team will manage all your needs.


Visual Monitoring

The graphical interface is easy to read and interpret making savings opportunities easy to target.


For more information please visit or



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Aug 23 11

Twitter Enhances User Profiles With Image Galleries


Should you post photos to Twitter via its new photo-uploading tool, or through a third-party photo-sharing service such as yFrog, TwitPic orInstagram, your photos will soon be featured on your Twitter profile in an image gallery.


Twitter is rolling out user galleries, as the feature is called, to members beginning Monday. Galleries will automatically display the 100 most recent images the user has shared by way of Twitter — dating back to January 1, 2010 — from supported photo-sharing services.


Galleries will live on a user’s profile and highlight a few recent images. A visitor can click the “view all” button to see even more images in either a grid view showing image thumbnails or a detail view highlighting the most recent image and the text of the tweet that was shared along with it.


The update ties into Twitter’s photo-sharing push and will dramatically change the appearance of Twitter profiles. Galleries will provide equal billing to images shared via third-party app makers, but also serve to remind users that Twitter is no longer a place just for 140 characters — it’s for photos too. The update is likely designed to entice Twitter users to add more photos to their tweets.


Galleries, at launch, will be image-only. Twitter Communications Manager Carolyn Penner said in a tweet that users can expect to see the update Monday. “We’re rolling out one of my fave features today: user galleries! View photos an account has shared on Twitter. Sit tight – it’s coming soon,” she tweeted.






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Aug 12 11

Web Enabled Portable Devices to Dominate Over Desktop PC



The sale of internet enabled consumer electronics devices is expected to surpass that of personal computers over the next few years.

According to the Consumer Platforms Report released by market research company IHS iSuppli, the sale of connected consumer electronics devices, which include TVs, set-top boxes, gaming consoles, Blu-Ray players and tablet devices, will reach 503.6 million units in 2013, up from 161 million units in 2010.

Meanwhile, the personal computer market will grow from 222.3 million units in 2010 to 253.3 million units in 2013. The research reported that by 2015, the shipments of connected devices will rise to 780.8 million units while PC shipments will be at 479.1 million.

The rise in shipments of internet connected consumer electronic devices will be led by tablet PC devices, which will ship 61.9 million units in 2013, up from 19.7 million units in 2010, the study claims.

“These new figures are the latest evidence that the Internet is not just for PCs anymore,” said Jordan Selburn, principal analyst for consumer platforms at IHS.

“The Internet now is revolutionising the consumer electronics business by delivering a range of products that can bring Web-based content to homes. In the future, consumers will be more likely to access the Internet through their televisions than via their PCs,” he added.


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Aug 11 11

Google’s Large Double Column Sitelink Test Returns



Google is experimenting with a change that expands the prominence of sitelinks on search results pages for brands. The new presentation makes the sitelinks larger and brings in the meta description and destination URL.

The Continued Rollout of Expanded Sitelinks

Sitelinks have been a part of the search engine results page since 2006, but they’ve always been limited. Here’s what a set of sitelinks for Stratford Web Design looks like right now:



The new version of sitelinks, however, takes up substantially more space. Here’s a picture of extended sitelinks from Matthew Ridout at SEOUnique:



It seems the expanded sitelinks are only happening for highly specific queries that signal “navigational intent” for the targeted site. However, most webmasters discussing the issue see the choice as favoring big brands at the expense of potential competitors, because the expanded sitelinks take up so much of the space above the fold.

What You Need to Change

The change to the interface does have an impact, albeit a small one, for webmasters. Since the expanded sitelinks show the destination URL, title, and a snippet of the description, it’s a good idea to check on your pages. The great news is that if you’ve been doing your due diligence on every page, nothing extra will be needed on your part. However, just in case, here’s a checklist:

  • Make sure you have a good meta description that looks professional when just the first 40 characters are shown.
  • Make sure you have an attractive destination URL.
  • Make sure you have an attractive and succinct meta title.

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Aug 11 11

Sorami-skydrive for Android connects to your Windows Live cloud storage for free


       Recently we blogged about the Free Windows Live Skydrive Desktop PC Client – Gladinet

SkyDrive is a fantastic cloud storage option that many people still don’t know about. With 25GB of free space for your synced files, Hotmail attachments, and Office Web docs, it’s worth signing up for an account (if you don’t already have a Windows Live passport). What’s even better is that SkyDrive storage can be accessed by other apps — like sorami-skydrive for Android.

Install the app, enter your credentials, then tap the back button, and you’ve got full access to your SkyDrive storage. Not only can sorami download files, but the app can upload files to SkyDrive from your Android device. You can also create new folders, and the home button quickly returns you to the top level of your SkyDrive folders.


Sorami-skydrive is currently in beta, so expect a few bumps along the way. After creating a new folder, for example, the app became stuck on a ‘loading’ alert and I had to kill the task. The developer is very responsive to bug reports, however, and sorami-skydrive is improving at a steady pace.








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Aug 10 11

Twitter adds in tweet photo uploads



MICRO CONVERSATION WEB SITE Twitter has added a photo uploading service to  its features.

Reports about the feature began appearing earlier this week but now it  appears to be more widely available.

We got a notification about the addition to Twitter as we logged in this  morning and immediately shared the most important image we could find.

The image was uploaded easily and shared via a shortened Twitter link on a  photobucket page. You can see the results by clicking on the above link.

Previously if you wanted to share a photograph on Twitter you had to use a  third party service, like Yfrog for example, so this addition will save time for  anyone that uses Twitter a lot and uploads a lot of photos.

Recently Twitter added its own automatic link shortening tool, which again removed the need  to use third party services.

In both cases, not asking users to click unknown external links to access  attached information offers better security


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Aug 1 11

Adobe outs un-Flash web animation tool Adobe Edge


Adobe has released an early incarnation of its new un-Flash web design tool,  Adobe Edge.

First revealed last October at the annual Adobe Max show in Los Angeles, Edge  is a means of building web animations using standard technologies such as HTML5,
CSS, and JavaScript. It’s not a straight replacement for Flash – web standards  aren’t yet up to the task – but according to Adobe, it rivals the company’s
Flash Professional tool when fashioning animated web advertisements, widgets, and other similar “interactive” media.

“We see both of these technologies – Flash and HTML – coexisting, just as they always have done,” Paul Gubbay, Adobe’s vice president of engineering,
design, and web, tells The Register. “With Flash, we’re focused on the upper echelon of rich interactivity – gaming apps, rich media apps, including
video, and data driven apps. But some of the things that were originally done with Flash we now see being done in HTML5 and JavaScript.”

Built atop the open source WebKit rendering engine, Edge is part of Adobe’s ongoing effort to reposition itself in a world where
Apple has banned Flash from its mobile devices and even Microsoft has put its weight behind the latest web standards. Over the past
several months, Adobe has begun contributing to the WebKit project as well as the jQuery and jQuery mobile JavaScript libraries, and according to Gubbay, this
is the sort of work that would have gone into the proprietary Flash platform in years past.

“What we’ve been doing for a long time is focussing on our runtime: Flash. And because the HTML5 ecosystem wasn’t really moving, we weren’t doing a lot
there,” Gubbay says. “But over the last couple of years, there’s been a tidal wave of change [with HTML], and as a result, as we’ve been listening to customers, we’ve committed to doing more in the browser.”

The company has also beefed up the HTML tools available with its Creative Suite, and now it’s releasing an HTML animation tool
to the public much earlier in the development process than it normally would. The Edge “public preview is available from the Adobe Labs site, and it’s free of charge. Designers are
encourages to provide feedback that may help shape future releases. The preview will be regularly updated.

With the tool, you can add animations to existing HTML documents or fashion animations from scratch. You can import standard web graphics, such as SVG, PNG,
JPG and GIF files, and style them with CSS. The preview, Adobe says, will be regularly updated as it adds new tools, and it will remain free.

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Jul 31 11

Google Chrome becomes UK’s second most popular web browser


Chrome new logo


Google’s Chrome is Britain’s second most popular browser, a sign of the internet giant’s increasing grip on the UK search market.

Three years after launch, Chrome last month captured 22% of UK users and marginally overtook Mozilla’s Firefox browser, according to the web metrics firm Statcounter. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is losing market share to Chrome but remains the most popular browser for UK users with 45% – although it has a head start by being pre-installed on almost all computers sold in Britain. Apple’s Safari is UK number four, with a 9% share.

Google’s rise in the browser market is in part down to nationwide advertising – Chrome is the first Google product advertised on British TV – but is largely attributed to its speed.

Lars Bak, the Google engineer responsible for Chrome, said the goal had never been to attract a huge user base, but to energise a dormant browser market: “Speed is a fundamental part of it, but it’s also about the minimal design and the way it handles security. If you as a user try [to load] a webpage and it feels snappy, it’s really hard to go back [to another browser]. It has shown that people spend more time interacting with the web.”

Unlike most of Google’s talent based at its Mountain View headquarters in California, Bak works from a converted farmhouse in the Danish countryside two hours from Copenhagen. He has become obsessed with speed, and despite numerous tests that show Chrome outstrips all rivals, he thinks it could be much faster. “You should never be happy with [existing] speed,” he said. “Of course it gets harder to make substantial gains, but it’s all healthy competition. From the beginning we wanted everybody to be fast, and now all browsers are fast. I’m absolutely flabbergasted [by the improvements made by rival browsers].”

Chrome is the number three worldwide, with a 20.65% market share according to Statcounter. But analysts expect it to edge ahead of Firefox, which has dipped steadily since January. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has also fallen heavily, to 43%, with warnings about security vulnerabilities.

Google last month announced its Chromebook laptop, based on its browser and seen as another ambitious attack on Microsoft; it will be made by Samsung and Acer, companies that previously made computers running Microsoft’s software.

Unlike most computers, the Chromebook has almost no capacity to store and hosts most data online in a “cloud”. Bak said: “The Chromebook is really important because it tries to simplify the machine – it is basically no maintenance, which means you can cut the price. If all you are doing is using a browser it’s a fantastic tool.”

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Jul 28 11

Windows Live Skydrive Desktop Client – Free


Dropbox, Sugarsync and Zumodrive are some of the great online storage services that you can use to store, sync and access your files right from your desktop. However, they only offer a meagre free storage space (less than 5GB) that may not even be enough to backup your MP3 files. On the other hand, Windows Live Skydriveprovides a whopping 25GB of online storage space, much more than the storage space of some of the 1st generation netbook and it is even enough to install a whole operating system on it. As good as it seems, there is one limitation. Skydrive is purely web based and does not provide any desktop-based application for you to sync your computer data with the cloud.

If you are looking to access your Skydrive account from your desktop, Gladinet is the application for you.

Gladinet Cloud Desktop is an application that allows you to mount cloud storage services as local folders and integrates online applications with the local desktop. It supports services such as Amazon S3,    Google docs, Picasa, Adrive, and of course Skydrive.

Download Gladinet Starter edition (FREE)

Start the installer. At the end of the installation, it will prompt you to do some initial configuration.

  1. Select a drive letter for Gladinet to mount to. Make sure that the drive letter does not conflict with any existing drive. Click OK to continue.
  2. In the next window, click on the Mount Disk Storage
  3. Under the service provider, select Windows Live Skydrive from the dropdown bar. Of course, if you are using other storage services, you can also configure them the same way here
  4. Enter your login credential
  5. You can now access your Skydrive right from the desktop


The advantage of using Gladinet is that it mount the online storage as a network drive in your system (and it does not do a sync), so even if you computer has less than 25GB of space, you can still mount it and access all your data (you will need an Internet connection though). In addition, the ability to mount several online storage services mean that you won’t ever face the problem of insufficient storage space again.

Gladinet comes with a Starter edition (free), Professional edition ($29.99) and a Premium edition that is due to be released soon. Personally, I have found that the Starter edition contains features more than I ever need and is sufficient for me. However, if you require more features, you can always upgrade to the Professional edition easily.

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Jul 25 11

New website – Rent a private driveway or garage



ParkatmyHouse is the world’s largest online parking marketplace created to connect home and business owners who would like to earn money from renting their space with drivers in need of a convenient, safe and cost-effective place to park. The idea is simple just like this website. We manage the entire booking process and all the payments so you can be confident that you are always in safe hands.

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Jul 22 11

Sodick New Website


Sodick Inc., a manufacturer of EDM technology and high speed mills has launched a new website at The new website incorporates a fresh modern look and has upgraded features and information.

“The new website has many features which will enable our visitors browsing experience to be much more positive and informative,” says Isabel Florence, marketing manager. The new website features detailed product information, support information and company information.

Visitors can now request training or support via forms on the new website under the support tab. They can also request literature or a quote.

“All our machines unique features are also explained in detail so that customers can get to know the kinds of technology that is available to them through Sodick,” Florence adds. This feature is located under the technology tab.

Sodick also features recommended machines by industry, a consumables section and news room where visitors can find all the latest company press releases, videos, case studies and a photobook of all Sodick’s events.

Another unique feature Sodick added to the site is the new Members Area. This is for Sodick customers, so that they can log in and download all the latest information from the Support or Applications departments, get the latest memos, ask questions to specific departments and stay up to date with company information and announcements.

“This is a great starting point for Sodick and I hope to grow the website and add many more features in the future to help visitors get the information they need in a clear and concise way, I am already working on a few additions to the site that should be available in a couple of months, so stay tuned,” Florence states.

Sodick Inc., established in 1976, has sold over 50,000 EDMs worldwide and has had over 25,000 linear motor EDM deliveries.  Sodick machines are used for the production of dies and molds and other various applications that cannot be produced by standard machining methods.  Sodick has three ISO certified manufacturing facilities with over 3,100 employees worldwide and technical centers located in Chicago, New Jersey, and California.

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