Jul 12 11

Use Twitter Inside Google Plus – View and Send Tweets !



With our Google + social network account in motion, we thought it time to take a look at some nice little enhancements to your Google + experience.

Usability Boost for Google Plus.


This extension will help you visualize the flow of informations on Google Plus

It's small CSS changes that put the focus on the content, separating visually posts and comments

The Google/Notification bar stays at a fixed position on top so you'll never miss a notification again

We found this site:   useful in merging the Google Plus and Twitter together. But we reccommend you look at the reddit forum first. If you’re a developer testing using a dummy account this is fine to test but this addon “could” be a security issue for REAL users.

It’s easy, visit this page and install the user script. This is not even a normal Chrome extension. So, please do your own research about security and privacy before installing.


  • Tweet
  • Short URL’s through
  • Share Photos through TwitPic
  • Share Videos through TwitVid
  • Share your location
  • and watch your timeline!



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