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MultiMi combines your digital identities into a single platform


It’s hard to get excited about a desktop app that unifies your various social media and email accounts, but MultiMi from Israeli startup Zbang and AVG is not your average aggregator.

MultiMi is a free Windows desktop app that allows you to combine all of your inboxes, social networking sites, chat applications, calendars, files and contacts in one place. So, in addition to having your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, you can have Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and any POP or IMAP email account, Google Docs, YouTube, Flickr, Picasa, Google Calendar, and your hard drive file system all accessible through the app. Google Plus is currently not supported, but as soon as it releases its API it will be. In fact MultiMi claims support any web-based service with an available API.

Eidan Apelbaum, CEO of Zbang and former Director of Product Management and Strategy at Yahoo, explains : “The way we designed it was by building up autonomous pieces of code that communicated in a very efficient way. The building blocks are not interdependent, which means we can have 100s of connections running in parallel and there are no problems if one of the services is down. For each service we need to find out two things: How can I authenticate and what information can you provide me (so for Picasa, that is photos)?”.

Over the last few days, I’ve been putting the app to the test, with two email accounts, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Flickr, Google Docs, Gmail and YouTube. At a very basic level, it merges your feeds together, so that you have a single inbox with all of your messages, be they from your email accounts, Facebook messages or Twitter DMs. You can reply to any of those accounts from MultiMi, select the email address or service you want to send it from/to.

It’s extremely easy to share content from one service to another by dragging and dropping, without downloading locally. So an attachment can be pulled from one email and into another, along with a photo from your Flickr account without having to download, save and reattach. You can even preview the documents — whatever the format — without having to download them. Likewise you can drag and drop a tweet you want to share into an email or a YouTube video from someone’s Facebook profile straight into an email.

Similarly, if I want to simply view the videos that have been sent to me, I can click on the “media” tab and it will show me all of the videos and music that have been shared with me via email, Facebook, LinkedIn or are housed on my hard drive. And I can play the files immediately from within the app, without having to link through to a browser.

Zbang is keen to emphasise the security features of the app. For a start, all of the content sharing is cloud-based so that the app remains nimble, but all of your passwords are stored on your local machine. Furthermore, all of the links that come into the app are scanned by AVG’s Linkscanner so you are better protected against nefarious Twitter links, for example.

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