Aug 10 11

Twitter adds in tweet photo uploads



MICRO CONVERSATION WEB SITE Twitter has added a photo uploading service to  its features.

Reports about the feature began appearing earlier this week but now it  appears to be more widely available.

We got a notification about the addition to Twitter as we logged in this  morning and immediately shared the most important image we could find.

The image was uploaded easily and shared via a shortened Twitter link on a  photobucket page. You can see the results by clicking on the above link.

Previously if you wanted to share a photograph on Twitter you had to use a  third party service, like Yfrog for example, so this addition will save time for  anyone that uses Twitter a lot and uploads a lot of photos.

Recently Twitter added its own automatic link shortening tool, which again removed the need  to use third party services.

In both cases, not asking users to click unknown external links to access  attached information offers better security


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