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UK Social Networking Reaches New Levels


It’s hardly surprising to learn that UK web users are turning to social networking and social media more and more often and more frequently than ever before. Such is the revelation from Experian Hitwise anyway, the online metric measurement and analysis company. Roughly 13.5% of all UK Internet website visits are to social networks and related websites, with Facebook the reigning king of the social Internet. More than half of this traffic headed in the direction of Facebook proving that it is a serious force in every respect.

The Difficulty In Making Facebook Marketing Pay

Businesses have so far found it difficult to make Facebook marketing pay for them. There’s no doubt that it’s possible to accumulate a lot of followers for a Facebook page with some concerted effort. However, turning those Facebook fans into any kind of deliverable is a different matter. Users can seem reluctant to step up and make the move away from Facebook pages to external websites and selling products or services directly through the social network can prove a minefield of problems.

Customer Communications

One area where Facebook can prove useful is in maintaining relationships with potential clients and existing customers alike. It opens up a new avenue for communication, one which is obviously popular as Facebook has more than 500m members who according to the website itself spend more than 700 billion minutes on the site.

More people are using Facebook as an additional tool to their usual search routine which means that creating a decent profile page at the very least can give visitors a source of information. Some networkers may use their favourite website as a means to research a company and will almost certainly use it to help them research individuals. Facebook marketing can therefore be considered an additional aside to SEO.

Facebook Popularity And Reputation Management

Facebook can be a good way to enhance your online reputation, which means it is also an important facet in reputation management. With more and more ways for people to research your name and your company, online reputation management is becoming increasingly important to more and more people

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