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Travellution, A New Travel Social Network, Beta Release


When you travel, the best advices you can find come from the interaction with people and most of times, it is the way you interact with them that makes the difference. Travellution empowers the social interaction in travel planning at the maximum level. You organize your trip with the right people, find the best solutions for your needs and interact with users who go or dream to go to the same destination at the same time”, says Giacomo founder of the site.

Travellution started at the end of 2009 as a project of few friends based in Paris who are passionate for traveling and discovering destinations around the world (Giacomo, Sigbjørn, Yannick, Nicola, Gabriele). When a user creates an account on Travellution, he or she can add trips and find other users who will go to the same destinations at the same time. These users can be your friends, friends of friends or just Travellution users. You ask them to become tripmate and you start populating your trip with like-minded people.

“Once you become tripmate with other users for a specific trip, a new social network is born between you and all your tripmates. You can share your trip details with your tripmates and start planning together your trip” explains Sigbjørn, co-founder of Travellution.

Travellution was recently featured on Vogue for its innovative approach on social networking, defined as “social” social networking. On Travellution, selected users can be selected to be part of a Community Advisory Board that is created with the objective of having the users of Travellution directly be implicated in their social network. In addition, Travellution will be based on a hybrid business model, partly non-profit.

“We believe that the way business is done in our society is not ethical nor sustainable therefore we decided to use a business model that is partly non-profit. People travel because are attracted by the diversity of the nature and of cultures and Travellution will finance with part of its profits NGOs and social businesses that are involved in preserving diversity of cultures and nature in our planet” says Giacomo.

Travellution Beta Release was launched for pre-registered users while its team is working at the moment on the public release and looking to raise money to further speed up the development.

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