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We’ve been awarded the Twitter Gold Ownership and Bronze Helper Badge!


Stratford Web Design has today been awarded the Bronze Helper Badge on We have been active on Twitter helping people worldwide to resolve some of their technical issues with Web based platforms such as WordPress and Redmine.

About Twitter Help

Give and Get Help with anything you want

Get help via Twitter


Twithelp™ lets you tap into the huge Twitter community to get help with anything you want. Think of it like a people-powered search engine or Yahoo Answers for Twitter. Rather than looking on Google for answers, you can ask a question and connect with real people all over the world as they answer your question.

It may be that your immediate circle of followers can help you but if they can’t that’s where Twithelp™ comes in. You might even make new friends/contacts along the way!

Give help via Twitter


Asking questions is one thing but answering them is way more satisfying. You can use Twithelp™ really easily to find and respond to people wanting help with things you know about.

Apart from being a nice thing to do, this can be a really good way of meeting new people with similar interests to you. It’s also a great way of establishing your expertise in a particular subject – which can be especially useful if you’re interested in marketing yourself or your services via Twitter.

*NEW* You can now earn cool badges for helping people. Can you get the Gold Karmic Panda badge? Find out here

More information can be found here:

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