Feb 18 11

New Bob Marley Website


This week has relaunched with a completely redesigned look and feel, created in part by the suggestions offered by its readers under the guiding hand of Ziggy Marley. The website features a wealth of information on Bob Marley, from biographical insights to music and video clips, along with all the latest news. In a statement on the site Ziggy thanks everyone for their help and promises even more surprises in the future.

‘This is a special place for Bob and his fans, someplace where they can get to know Bob like no where else. Not just Bob the legend, but Bob the spirit, Bob the man, Bob as you would have known him if you had time to visit him.’ – Ziggy Marley

Kate Simon’s iconic photography of Bob Marley is featured in the Genesis signed limited edition REBEL MUSIC. Which also includes specially-commissioned text from 24 contributors including ex-Wailers Junior Marvin, Family Man Barrett, and Neville Garrick plus Island Records’ founder Chris Blackwell.

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