Mar 9 11

Google rolls out Chrome 10


Google has today begun rolling out version 10 of its increasingly popular internet browser, Chrome.

While Google offers a fairly regular schedule of Chrome updates, with a new version of the browser released roughly every six weeks, this version is notable for a significant increase in JavaScript performance. In fact, in the V8 browser benchmark, JavaScript reportedly enjoyed an impressive speed boost of 66 per cent.

Google has also addressed complaints that Chrome’s Settings interface was unwieldy, by adding a Settings search box.

Another long requested new feature is the implementation of password synchronisation, enabling you to sync passwords and logins across multiple systems, in a similar way to Xmarks.

There’s also been an improvement when it comes to security, with Flash code now locked down in its own sandbox environment. This is helped by the update to the latest version of Flash, as well as out-of-date plug-ins being blocked as standard.

It’s undoubtedly a significant update, with a lot of features that users will find genuinely useful; the password sync in particular seems to be one feature that Chrome has been crying out for.

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