Mar 15 11

Internet Explorer 9 available now


Microsoft has now made the full version of Internet Explorer 9 available for download at the SXSW Interactive conference.

The new release is the only browser that has hardware-accelerated HTML5 spanning all graphics, text, audio and video.

“HTML5 is a huge step forward for the browser because it brings the Web back to a unified platform for creation. By integrating HTML5 into Internet Explorer 9 and hardware accelerating the browser, Microsoft has signalled its commitment to pushing the Web forward,” said Ze Frank, who is launching new features within the social gaming site, Star.Me, in coordination with the Austin event.

Developers can now build websites using HTML5, as well as runtimes such as Adobe Flash Player and Microsoft Silverlight,

“Internet Explorer 9 has moved the bar in hardware acceleration, enabling Flash Player to tap into the GPU and creating a win-win situation for our mutual customers who want fast, rich content experiences,” said Paul Betlem, senior director, Flash Player Engineering at Adobe. “With Internet Explorer 9 and Flash Player taking advantage of the GPU, we continue the collaboration with Microsoft to further optimise performance. Both companies are also working closely to advance and streamline controls for managing Flash Player privacy and security settings in Internet Explorer 9.”

The browser uses the AMD Fusion Family of accelerated processing units and AMD Radeon graphics cards. John Taylor, director of Client Product and Software Marketing, AMD, commented: “The next generation is defined by immersive gaming, rich video and fast, compelling, application-like experiences, validating the fact that GPU compute power and the ability to remove barriers between the CPU and GPU are highly relevant to the day-to-day computing performance that consumers expect and demand.”

Microsoft has also focused on trying to enhance security with the latest version of its browser. IE9 includes a feature called Tracking Protection, which allows users to decide which websites they want to share information for. They can do this by adding Tracking Protection Lists to Internet Explorer 9, and partners such as PrivacyChoice, TRUSTe, Abine and Adblock Plus have already published these lists.

The browser also provides the first Download Manager with integrated SmartScreen malware protection and a feature called SmartScreen download reputation. This uses reputation data to remove unnecessary warnings for well-known files and show more severe warnings when the download has a higher risk of being malicious.

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