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Social networks attract more traffic than other online sites in UK



In the UK, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter are attracting more traffic than other online sites, including entertainment portals like the BBC iPlayer and ITV Player.

According to online measurement firm Experian Hitwise, in the month of January, social-networking site including Facebook and Twitter accounted for more than 12 per cent of all UK online traffic, with over 2.4 billion visits.

Facebook alone accounted for 56 per cent of the social networking traffic in January. Google’s video-sharing site YouTube grabbed the second spot, while Twitter, which allows users to send and receive messages in up to 140 characters, came at the third position.

However, it does not mean that Brits are not consuming entertainment and news. In fact, they are accessing news, entertainment and other content through their social networks.

Commenting on the topic, Experian Hitwise’s Research Director Robin Goad said, “The relationship between the two categories is getting a lot closer with more and more people sharing content from entertainment sites on social sites, such as Facebook.”

Facebook has more than half a billion registered users globally, with as many as 30 million users in the UK.

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