Mar 30 11

Microsoft starts distributing Windows 8 builds


Software Imperium Microsoft has begun to distribute early copies of Windows 8 to key OEM chums to give them a chance to play with it.

According to software gossip rag WinRumours the software giant is distributing build 7971.0.110324-1900 via the company’s Connect external testing system.

On the guest list are OEMs like the maker of expensive printer ink HP which is accessing the Milestone 3 build from Connect. Dubbed the Windows 8 and Server vNext Pre-Release Programme. It requires a special invite code so the great unwashed can’t see it.

This would explain how some aspects of new software has managed to find its way into the tech press. There have been leaks of a system reset function in Windows 8 already.

Vole is expected to release a Windows 8 beta in September and its primary Windows 8 interface is believed to be fully 3D.

Apparently the interface will be “fully dynamic” and able to adapt to user habits with icons and shortcuts will adapt to different usage scenarios to speed up daily tasks.

It is also supposed to have a new fast hibernation system which will allow you to shove the system into hibernate in three to six seconds and save all open documents and running tasks.

Another rumour is that Microsoft will create a dual user interface for Windows 8 so that it will get a tile-based system called “Mosh”.

What is surprising is that Vole is not talking very loudly about Windows 8. So far we have only had bits, such as it will have ARM support. Given that the beta is slated for September we would expect a little more hysteria.

It is possible that ze Vole wants people to adopt Windows 7 and fears that too much expectation for Windows 8 will kill it off.

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