Mar 31 11

WordPress now has Enterprise Edition


The new WordPress Enterprise Edition offers enterprises a comprehensive authoring solution and a platform for open communications and information management.

Let’s say you’ve decided to build a website for your enterprise. You’re probably considering the plethora of CMS options available and assessing the positives and negatives of each. Opt for one with a robust plugin architecture, or go for a CMS that rides on security the choice is yours!

Talking about choice, how would it be affected if you were provided with a CMS that powers roughly 13% of all the major websites today, and whose latest version (3.0) has been downloaded over 32.5 million times (as of February 2011)? Yes, we are talking about WordPress.

One might wonder how WordPress, a platform that is known mainly as a blogging tool and not a Content Management System, will suffice to be a fully functional CMS for an enterprise! The answer lies in WordPress Enterprise Edition.

Tags: CMS, content management systems, enterprise, WordPress

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