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Is New Google TV Coming Soon?


When Google TV was launched with a fanfare last year, many  were expecting great things. But they didnt get it. Complicated, buggy and  lacking in any real TV content. But now Google may be ready to relaunch the promised merging of television and the web.


Is Google TV planning a relaunch?

When launched in the form of a set-top box from Logitech and Sony’s Blu-Ray  player, many thought the platform would clean up. However dissapointing sales for the Logitech  Revue (72% lower than expected), added to blocked streaming from the TV  networks has resulted in a stifled product.


But now comes the news that Google are looking to revamp the product. Business  Insider say that the update will concentrate on three main areas of  performance. faster chips and processors, a new interface giving a better user  experience, and the most requested feature. Android  apps on Google TV. They claim that a TV android market will be created  specifically to run on TV sets.


As connected  TV gains in popularity, it is certainly a good time to relaunch. But the  problem is that standard connected TV will not be able to run Google TV without  a set-top box or other plugin device. And surely the reason people will buy  connected is because it is an all in one solution.

From the web Google will be competing with the likes of Netflix – cheap and  no hardware needed. Will other tv sets have enough content and apps to negate  the need for Google’s platform? It seems that the only USP may be the android  market, and will that be enough? Only time will tell, although the Google TV  platform may end up more popular running  on tablets rather than TV’s.

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