May 18 11

Bing gets social with second phase of Facebook integration



Bing is hoping to separate itself from competitors such as Google and Yahoo by modifying its search engines with data mined from Facebook “likes,” Microsoft announced Monday.

While the search engine first began integrating Facebook data last year, Microsoft is now making a bigger effort to create highly relevant results. For example, certain results could be prioritized on Bing based on whether the searcher’s friends or family liked a certain product or brand.

Additionally, Bing is looking to apply this approach to its overall optimization algorithm. This means that “like” data will become a third element of B2B SEO, alongside keyword-rich content and link building efforts.

“Starting today, you can receive personalised search results based on the opinions of your friends by simply signing into Facebook. New features make it easier to see what your Facebook friends ‘like’ across the web, incorporate the collective know-how of the web into your search results and begin adding a more conversational aspect to your searches,” Yusuf Mehdi, corporate vice president at Microsoft, wrote on the Bing blog.
Of course, this also highlights the importance of social media to B2B online marketing initiatives – companies will need to have a strong Facebook presence to rank prominently on Bing.

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